How to Start a Blog

What is a blog?
We can say that a blog is a type of website which focuses mainly on written content or post. Users can get the required information or details from the blog posts which have been created by the bloggers.
You can consider it as a digital magazine, diary or information sharing platform, a place to learn where readers can communicate directly with the author and get solution to their pains & problems.
Why should I start blogging?
If you want to share your knowledge, idea, expertise opinion to help people or even to promote your services and products, blogging is the right choice for you! You can get directly connected through comments and conversations and thus building trust with your customers or users.
Blogging is an effective way in today’s digital world to create network world-wide and get popularity inside your community.
There are several reasons why you should start blogging:
  • Share your knowledge and experience
  • Enhance your thought process and writing skill
  • Make a network with others in the industry
  • Make money while blogging
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What should I blog about?
Your blog should be about what interests you and what you are passionate about. Now, how to find your passion? Ask yourself. The passion is that continuously provokes you to get involved and most of the time you are thinking about. It is that passion which does not let you sleep. It is that passion which gives you mental relaxation during your tough time or stress.
You should be blogging about your passion. It’ll be easy to follow without too much mental stress to create your blog posts. Also it’ll bring success in a better way than choosing the most common topics where you don’t have enough interest.
You can communicate easily with your readers to satisfy their query if you start blogging about your passion and niche. It will help you to grow and even earn money from it.
What is essential for a successful blog?
It’s your passion, determination, perseverance and willingness to open your heart to the readers that are required for your successful blog. No blog is written over-night. You have to keep patience to achieve success like other business start-up or profession. Keep in mind that your blog can be your profession at a time once you build trust and good network with the readers. It’s your creativity, your knowledge & expertise what connect you with your readers and make a bonding relationship.
Finally, it’s you who is the key factor for your blogging success. Follow your passion and make it your earning machine having a chance for unlimited income!
What do I need to start a blog?
You and your passion!
Firstly, find out the passion that continuously provokes you to get involved and most of the time you are thinking about. It is that passion which does not let you sleep. It is that passion which gives you mental relaxation during your tough time or stress.
Next, set your goal. What good can you do to people with your passion? Find out the problems and pains of people. Can your passion solve any problem of your community or society? If you can do so, you can also earn money in return. Think it broadly.
Finally, here are your action steps. Take action and start sharing your knowledge & expertise to solve the problems and help the community.
How do I find a profitable niche for my blog?
Firstly, find out your niche which may be very general topic or segment.
Secondly, make yourself a specialist for a particular area or segment by narrowing down the niche to eliminate competition. It will also help your blog to be recognised by search engine algorithm.
Suppose, you’re passionate about finance and you want to create a blog. There are lot of topics about how to make money and financial management. Now, you can narrow down the topic by starting a blog about making money particularly in stock market sector, if you are passionate about. Hundreds of topics you can get and start your blog as a specialist. This will reduce the competition in your niche.
How much does it cost to start a blog?
You can start a blog absolutely free of cost!
However, if you are thinking to start and continue your blogging seriously for a long-term plan, you have to spend a little bit. Before starting blogging, you need to know about the blogging platform whether you should go for free platform or your own hosting account.
Let me clarify this with an example. You can use free blogging platform blogger.com (a Google platform) where you are allowed to sign-up and create your post instantly. So you may be easily tempted to go for the free blogging platform.
However, every free service has some negative sides also and you need to compromise with. This account is not fully controlled and operated by you. The most negative drawback is the limitation in running custom advertisements in your account to make money once your blogging becomes popular. The free platform may run its own ads in your account.
If you want to be free from any restrictions and like to be the owner of your blogging platform, you need to go for a web hosting provider in terms of a few bucks.
You can go with HostGator to get up to 70% discounted rate for hosting services. Domain name is free for the first year. So, you can start with less than $30 for the first year.
Disclosure: HostGator compensates this blog owner when you purchase their product through any link so that our services are free of charge to you.
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What can I do if my domain name is already taken?
If the domain name is already taken especially “.com” domain extension of your choice, try for another combination. Sometimes, the domain you are searching for is registered but not in use i.e. parked. You can search in the internet and try to buy it from the current owner. In that case, you have to contact the current owner of the domain which may be a hectic process.
Otherwise, you can try the following tricks to retain your selected domain name:
  • Go for a different domain extension - If the “.com” extension is already taken, you can try “.in”, “.net”, “.org”, “.info” etc. However, it is recommended to go for “.com” extension and hence you can follow the below option(s) to get domain of your choice.
  • Add dashes - e.g. “myowntop-fashion”.
  • Add small words - You can try by adding “my”, “the”, “a”. For example “myowntopfashion.com” instead of “topfashion.com”.
How often should I blog?
To become a successful blogger, you have to maintain the consistency in posting blogs. At least one post per week is must to be recognised by search engines.
Perseverance! This is very important, difficult but possible to maintain. However, if you can build habit of posting frequently, it’ll be easy to follow. If you publish one or two post(s) monthly, your readers will forget about your topics and lose their interest.
Follow the principle, “Slow but steady wins the race!” No need to publish one post every single day. Don’t be so rude to yourself. Make a plan to publish a post or two weekly.
Also don’t compromise with the quality of your posts to increase the quantity. Not necessarily all of your blog posts need to be of 2000 words, it may be of 600 words only. But it should be informative and useful for your readers. This will build trust in your reader’s mind.
Should I start my blog in WordPress?
If you don’t have any HTML or coding knowledge, WordPress is the best choice for you, as a beginner. WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the world. It is user-friendly, easy to install in a single click and fully customizable.
You can find thousands of free WordPress themes to choose for your website. Easy yet user-friendly customization process is an amazing experience for a beginner. Check the link below for customization of your site in detail:
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Further, the most attractive part of WordPress is that you can use a lot of free plugins to customize and present your blogging site in a nicely look. Don’t worry if your selected theme doesn’t have all the features you are searching for. WordPress free plugins will solve the problems. You can do anything with the help of these free plugins. Visit the below link for in-depth instructions:
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Do bloggers make money?
Yes. Bloggers can earn a lot of money from blogging. Blogging can be a full time job because it requires lot of time investment to be an “influencer” in blogging world. Though it’s not easy to be a highly paid blogger, but it is possible. Your hard work, consistency and patience can make you a successful blogger.
Just like any other business start-up, it requires a lot of efforts and trial & error process you may need to go through. You can find so many successful bloggers who started from scratch and proved themselves in the world of blogging. Most of the successful bloggers left their full time corporate job and engaged in blogging earning more money than their fixed pay check.
Many bloggers start a blog and give up only after a few months when they find no money from blogging. But the fact is that you have to create that platform and build trust to increase the traffic in your blog site. Then only you can earn money. Keep patience, follow your passion. Definitely you will get success one day.
How can I make money from blogging?
There are many ways to earn money from your blogging site. You may select one or more of the ways based on the traffic in your site, niche and subscribers.
Follow the below ways to make money blogging:
  1. Google AdSense by running ads on your blog site
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Digital products & services
  4. Sponsored ads by companies
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Why do bloggers fail?
Bloggers start a blog expecting that blogging will bring them a success & money. It’s true but applicable for those who have patience. Many bloggers fail due to some major common reasons. Here are the major possible reasons:
  • Poor Content- Content is the heart of any blog. Bloggers should concentrate on the blog content and it’s quality first. Visitors will come to the blogging site in order to go through the blog contents that are useful for them, that can solve their problems. Unfortunately, many bloggers don’t concentrate on the quality content. Even some bloggers just duplicate from existing posts in the internet or auto-generate the contents. Don’t forget that blog can’t get success without your own great contents.
  • Giving-up Too Early- Many bloggers give-up too early before getting success. They give up only after a few weeks or months when they are not getting money from blogging. It may take few months or even a year to be recognised by search engine and get visitors on your blog site. Then only money will come.
  • Lack of Consistency in Posting- If bloggers publish one or two post(s) monthly, the readers will forget about the topics and lose their interest. Consistency is very important to build trust in reader’s mind.
  • Lack of Blog Promotion and Marketing- Many bloggers are shy to promote their blogs within their community circle. The fact is that the blog success depends on the ability to engage people in the topics.
  • Overdose of Ads- People will visit your site to get benefitted from your posts and not to enjoy your ads. They may become embarrassed by the wrongly placed or blinking or too many advertisements on a single post. Try to optimize the number of ads on your blogs.
What is SSL Certificate & How to install it?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol for encrypting internet traffic and verifying server identity. It enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server. SSL certificate is what enable websites to move from ‘http://’ to ‘https://’ which is more secure.
Recently, Google started to penalize sites that aren’t secured and without SSL certificate.
SSL certificate is required to be installed to decrease the risk of sensitive information like credit card details, username, password etc. from being stolen or tampered with by hackers. People will be doubtful to visit your website and fearful to share their personal credentials. Further, SSL certificate plays very important role in SEO ranking of your website to be appeared in the top search results.
To install SSL certificate for free, visit the below link where the same explained in-depth:
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Why WordPress Blog Post Thumbnail is not Showing on Facebook?
Sometimes, Facebook cannot recognize the featured image we insert in Wordpress blog post. The main reason behind this may be the image size. Typically, Facebook recommended image size is 1200x630 pixels. On the other hand, the featured image which we insert with our blog post is in the range of 240x180 or 300x300 pixels. Now, if we want to upload the blog post in Facebook, we may find that the thumbnail image is missing with the post:
Post Thumbnail on Facebook - 1
One of the easiest methods we can sort out this issue is by using Wordpress plugin ‘Yoast SEO’. Go to Plugin”>”Add New and search & install ‘Yoast SEO’ plugin. Click on Settings and “activate”.
Post Thumbnail on Facebook - 2
Now, let’s create a post by clicking Posts”>”Add New. Below the post edit section you can find the ‘Yoast SEO’ plugin SEO analysis. Go to “Social>Facebook”. Here, upload image with 1200x630 pixels and publish the post.
Post Thumbnail on Facebook - 3
That’s it! Now, you can see image with the blog post in Facebook.
Post Thumbnail on Facebook - 4

Electrical Engineering

Which IEC is followed for cable sizing calculation?
IEC 60502.
Is short circuit criteria applicable for non-breaker operated feeder?
No. Short circuit criteria is applicable for circuit breaker operated feeder like ACB.
What is the allowable limit for running & starting voltage drop for motor feeder?
Maximum 3% for running & 15% for starting voltage drop is allowed.
What is CT Burden?
The circuit or load connected to the secondary winding of CT is called ‘CT burden’ which is expressed in ‘VA’. The burden on a protective CT comprises of the individual burdens of associated relays, trip coils, connecting leads etc. Total burden is calculated by adding all of these individual loads.
While selecting the VA burden of protection CT, economical aspect and size of CT will also to be considered.
What is accuracy class of CT?
Accuracy class of CT is the class assigned to the CT with the specified limits of ratio error and phase angle error. For relaying purpose, the ratio error is of most importance. CT secondary load has very high lagging power factor and hence, CT secondary current is almost in phase opposition with the magnetizing current. Therefore, phase angle error is negligible in this case. Ratio error is very significant because the currents are high during short circuit condition.
What is ratio error or current error in a CT?
Ratio error is defined as the percentage error in the magnitude of the CT secondary current and this can be expressed as the below equation:
Ratio error in CT
What is Composite error in a CT?
It is defined as the r.m.s. value of the difference (Knis – ip) integrated over one cycle under steady condition and this can be expressed as the below equation:
Composite error in CT
What type of errors are there in Current Transformers?
There are three types of errors in Current Transformers:
  1. Ratio Error or Current Error
  2. Phase Angle Error
  3. Composite Error
What type of CT core materials to be used?
The reluctance of CT core material should be low to reduce the probability of CT core saturation. Accordingly, CT core should be of smaller length and increased cross-sectional area. Also the core material should be of high permeability, low loss & high saturation limit.
Why CT Secondary is never Open Circuited?
The open circuiting in CT secondary results in zero secondary current and hence, there is reduced back e.m.f. If, by mistake, the CT secondary is open-circuited, the secondary peak voltage may reach up to some kilo volts.
Accordingly, the working flux increases and CT core gets saturated. CT primary and core get over-heated and voltages are induced in secondary side by electro-magnetic induction. Also this is very dangerous for the working personnel on the secondary side. Hence, CT secondary should never be disconnected when current is flowing in the primary side.
How many regions are there in CT Magnetization Curve?
Magnetization Curve of CT can be sub-divided into four main regions.
  • Origin to ankle point
  • Ankle point to Knee point
  • Knee region
  • Saturation region
What is Knee Point voltage of a current transformer?
Knee point of CT is defined as the point where 10% increase in applied voltage will cause 50% increase in excitation current. Above the knee point, CT will mal-operate and will tend to saturate. Prior to the saturation, the flux density in core is proportional to the ampere-turn or the excitation current. On reaching saturation, magnetizing inductance becomes low and the total primary current is utilized in exciting the core alone causing CT secondary output almost nothing. In the saturation zone, CT behaves like open circuited. It’s difficult to avoid saturation during short circuit condition.
Hence, in normal operating condition, protection CT operates in the linear zone below the knee point.